• No. I've never tickled a rat. I certainly hope you wash your hands after because they're riddled with disease!
    • Abha
      I never did that, but I watched some people doing that
    • Ice man
      Really Linda ? You've never heard of people having pet rats ? You can buy them at just about any pet shop, and they aren't the disease riddled variety but rather very clean. Check out this video to see what she's talking about.
    • Linda Joy
      I can't watch videos on my phone Ice man. I do know that rats are kept as pets I actually had to catch my brother's mouse that got loose in my house when mom sent him to live with me. I caught it by using a trail of chocolate up a ramp to trap it in the bathtub and after I caught it and put it back in its cage in my brother's bedroom. He told me he then went off and left the cage in the floor with the door open and the cat ate it.
    • Abha
      This story is humorous !
  • I don't tickle rats!
  • Yes, I did know that. Like you, I've seen the videos at YouTube and was amazed at how much they love to be tickled. They would chase the hand around and laugh when tickled. Then when the hand was removed they would stop in their tracks and look around for it, as if to say "Hey ! Where did you go ? Comeback here, I want some more tickling !" : )
    • Abha
      Actually, it`s just like what you said !
  • Rats are pests. They play a significant role in the transmission of many disease-causing pathogens to humans.

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