• It is creating an experience for the one you love to make them happy and show them how much you love and appreciate them. A time you can enjoy together.
  • i wouldnt know since i never had a boyfriend
  • Sipping hot coffee on the deck of a cabin in Deadwood, South Dakota while looking up at the stars.
  • Me, my La-Z-Boy, my big-screen, a six pack and a bag of Doritos. (Just kidding - I don't have a La-Z-Boy or a big-screen and I don't drink)
  • You had to qualify it, didn't you? (Normal? ME?). GEE, this is a tough one - I've been happy for so long that I don't remember what a relationship is other than it being something where I lose battle after battle. Ordinarily, I might start out with a fun afternoon at a carnival taking her on a few rides then winning her a large stuffed animal at one of the games of skill (a stuffed animal that I'd already bought and paid for to ensure that I would "win" it for her)...then go for a leisurely walk around the park lagoon to give both of a chance to mellow a little. Then take her to a nice restaurant, go to her place, start with coffee then dim the lights just a little (forget the candles - those are so cliche), and perhaps graduate to something a little stronger than coffee. Talk about something she's interested in and see what progresses from there. [] But that's "ordinarily". Realistically, I'd just grab a sandwich, a bottle of brandy, and a nudie magazine - hoping that I'd respect myself in the morning.

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