• a complete set of all the Mickey Mouse watches ever made!! ...........every foot of newsreel footage ever shot on Marilyn Monroe not her movies; but all NEWSREEL footage!!! .....................
  • The love of the Lord Jesus! He is my everything!
  • For people to stop abusing children, other people and animals.
  • friends to hang out with, its rare where i live to find that and theres times ive wondered if i should move away to where i used to live so i could hang out with friends
    • Linda Joy
      I've been moving around all my life so I've kind of been forced to learn how to make friends no matter where I go. But why don't you go back to the place where your friends are? You might be happier there.
    • Anoname
      I value friends very highly. We are always there for each other.
  • Nature and good companionship

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