• no but ive been bullied before
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry that happened to you. If you'd like to talk about it privately you can e-mail me if you want.
    • beaker95
      ...and tell everyone here about it after, please.
  • Now just makes you think anyone would want to molest this ALMOST 79 year old man with most of his faculties still in tact? Now if she were younger and wanted to I just might let her do it!!
  • 8-10-2017 I got beat up once. But I have noticed that when men talk about losing their virginity, the statement you hear most often is "She raped me." But otherwise they just don't seem to talk about it.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never heard guys say that. Maybe they only open up to other guys about that sort of thing.
    • Jewels Vern
      Right. That's something men just don't mention to women.
    • Linda Joy
      Who beat you up? And why? Were you seriously hurt? I'm sorry that happened to you!
    • Jewels Vern
      Just one of the neighborhood hoodlums. I was in fifth grade. Every boy gets beat up at least once in that age range.
    • Linda Joy
      I remember getting in a fight in 3rd grade and then again in 9th grade.

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