• Whatever you say ... do it with chocolates and flowers.
    • Linda Joy
      (Smiling) It sounds like you're speaking from experience. And as usual good advice except I don't know her. The best I could do is virtual and I'm not sure that would translate well.
  • Some take too many online discussions too seriously. Maybe you can try some kind of soothing type of encouraging posts to her??
    • Linda Joy
      that's why I was asking for help with what to post.
    • Rick Myres
      I hope she accepts your encouraging words.
  • apologize if you hurt their feelings
  • The trouble with social media friendships with people you don't know personally is that it's often hard to convey something without it being taken the wrong way. When engaged in a face-to-face dialogue you can see the other person's face and read the body language pretty well. Online, you can't always say the right thing to everyone - sometimes a shin is going to get kicked. Don't beat yourself up over it - they'll pull through. Just drop the matter and let it float off into the land of the forgotten. You'll be swapping spit again in no time.

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