• I did for YEARS.....I'm 75 & started them in 1961!!! holy crap!! I've gone back to read a few, and it's like....'who is this guy???" amazing how our reactions and opinions to things change over the years!!! I kept them up to about the mid-1980s then stopped......tried to do it again, but I guess I'm all 'journaled out"........... BUT YOU YOUNGER PEOPLE,,,,,,,PLEASE start one!! even if it's just entering stuff once a week, or whenever you feel like it.......years from now you'll be SO GLAD you did!!!!! trust me....I'm older than you & know more!! LOL :-D
    • Linda Joy
      I lack discipline.
  • A journal - no. Log books - yes.
  • Yes but not daily.
  • I have lots of journals from past times. First diary when I was 10. Not so much anymore.
  • no, ive been kind of lazy about doing that
  • I've kept a diary since 1965. Most of what I write in my diary is what I've done on that day.

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