• at one point they were 'sexy'. People who had clefts; Clark Gable.. Dimples: cute girls on T.V. show 'facts of life'.
  • 9-6-2017 Is that why you change your avatar twice in one day?
    • Linda Joy
      That's got nothing to do with the question I've changed it far more than twice in a day a lot of them don't even work. And I'll change it a hundred times in the day if I feel like it it's my avatar why does anybody care? Some kind of pants just love to complain!
    • Jewels Vern
      I thought you might like to know that someone cares enough to notice.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry. I never wanted one to begin with but was talked into it and then got maybe two compliments and a continuous flow of complaints! I think people here like to bicker and complain more than anything else. The negativity is draining and repulsive. Perhaps it's time for a break, but I really don't like the notifications in my email to go unanswered. I feel if people were kind enough to answer and comment I should be kind enough to answer them. But sometimes it gets overwhelming.
    • Jewels Vern
      Well, you know, everybody tends to say what they think without thinking. And everybody tends to assume that their first impression on any subject is the law of the universe. And everybody tends to take offense at everybody else's ill considered remarks. But you don't have to do that. An insult is not an insult if you don't accept it. And if you don't accept a gift, to whom does it belong?
  • So are hermaphrodites! That's a major one!
  • i know that
  • I recently read an old interview with Kirk Douglas, who was once required to fill in his chin with putty for a particular play. After that he was clear:Take me as I am.
  • What else would they be?
  • no but now i do
  • Subjective call. The "normal," have always judged different as less -- defective.

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