• You mean as in "moderator"? LOL. Oh I'm the guy that posted the derogatory definition of "ban hammer" on Urban Dictionary. But that was before I became staff (& even founder) several times, and it was about how there can be power freaks and martinets without a clue except to bash people and jerk off, but there can also be mods who treat everyone like they matter, and even getting told off by them seems a friendly confirmation that they are actually good and valuable and responsible for the place running okay because ultimately it's theirs (oh, hey, members are the ones that BUILD a forum, and ARE it. ....My thing though was never to be a mod, but to step on that stone on the way to Admin, so I could be part of the creative urges and whims that make a place interesting. ..fix up the missing features, tweak around the eges, flesh it all out and empower everyone to shine. Provide a gas of a good time for all to have. ...If we could use bb/code here, Mr Pants would already have gone in an entirely different direction .... you'd probably have a magazine by now, and definitely some game threads, and then also the fictional members (he he)(well, it's like writing sketch comedy isn't it. But you can't count on others (except maybe one or two gifted souls) to know where you're going with the dialogue, and what jokes you're setting up. Although I've seen some great improvisationalists and obviously out-of-work stand up comics hanging about these places. Beaker is actually Rodney Dangerfiled's ghost. Oh, you didn't know that? Yea! And he's been working with Jim Belushi behind the scenes, whose been in touch with Dan Akroyd (but we promised never to talk about THAT *blink* *blink* Were we saying ANYTHING at all here? Oh yes. "mods" Mods are pods. Like cops. Dull and bossy. But an admin can make it all shine like it should...and encourage those mods to foster a good atmosphere where the emphasis leans more towards anarchy than authoritarianism. But..just sayin.
  • Wait, the question was about "mods"...when I posted! Oh well, lol. I worked on that answer so I'm leavin' it. .....What's the new Q? mmm.....I think the amount of warmth versus dispassion is always the same through history, but at any given point you look at, the people seem to feel theirs is "the best of times, the worst of times". ...because always, some things improve, as others devolve. But all is cyclical, so destruction or de-evolution can be and is part of forward 'progress'. Thus, unless you consider the longer view, you will not know you're looking at a forest, as you view only the side of one tree, imagining all is about bark.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      Look man I'm real sorry but I genuinely thought nobody answered the question and than decided to change it. I'm putting the other question back up so you can both have equally right answers.Sorry!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. That's ok. It happens.

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