• Yes, it's usually the manager that's crooked ...
    • Anoname
      Here we disagree.
    • Ice man
      That is because we are both human with minds of our own, and have had different experiences. In my business I've known a lot of good mechanics, who steered me in the right direction while their bosses tried to talk me into having unnecessary work done.
    • Anoname
      I take a perfectly good vehicle in and they find something to break and claim it was like that when I brought it in.
    • Ice man
      Well that sure sucks. You need to find a reputable outfit that you can trust. The places that take advantage of women and break things on you ... don't generally stand behind their work either. They're in it for a fast buck. The good guys want to keep their customers and to stay in business.
  • Statistics show women are routinely charge more for auto mechanic work than men are for the exact same work. I've personally walked into an auto parts store and been completely ignored while all the other customers were waited on simply because I was there by myself. On the other hand I have known very reputable mechanics who have fixed Vehicles without even charging anything.
    • Anoname
      That's true. They also try to rip off those they think know nothing about cars. I had one mechanic talk down to me like a child. He pointed to the tires and said,"That's where your breaks are. Can you say,'brakes' "
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I usually just let ppl assume, it makes it easier to get away with plausible deniability later if the need arises.

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