• Yes, I am on Answermug and Yahoo Answers.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never heard of answermug, but then I'd never heard of this place a week ago. I used to be on MSN's Q&A years ago. I miss it.
    • Linda Joy
      My son recommend askreddit. He says there are millions of users on that site. Have any of you heard of it? I may take my unanswered questions there eventually.
    • Frankie the Fly
      I've heard of it but I'm not a member.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you
  • I have an account on Answermug but, it is not called `Hogey the Roguey` it is called `Killcrazy` (one of many identities I used on the old version of Answerbag). I did have another account on Answermug called `Legion` (also the name of my first Answerbag account) but, I lost access to it. So I created an alternative account there.
  • I am on Yahoo Answers.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Polls & Surveys?
    • beaker95
      No, it's true.
  • I am manbearpig, from Yahoo Answers P&S Category. I also had several other identities there, most of which can't be divulged because they might find me *looks around* *grabs your arm and pleads earnestly "If you do see Al gore, you will tell me right?" *blink** .........To answer your question, there is Yahoo Answers, but the trolling problem there is abysmal, and all the funny people I knew there left, years ago, and it seems to be inhabited now by just a small number (Though Y/A does have TONS of categories, so if you have any serious questions, that's a place to ask! (just dont rely on the answers too readily, many folks mean well, but dont know as much as they think they do)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      There is also able2know .........
  • This is the only one I have ever been on. After a long long time, someone responded to a question of mine and then I happily signed in with my original name. It has changed a lot, but i see there is potential to make it a lively, interesting and fun forum.
  • No. I can stay busy enough right here. ; )
  • Yes, I'm on '' and ''
    • Linda Joy
      I've never heard of those.
  • I created an account on Yahoo Answers years ago. I didn't like it much and super rarely go there. Like one day per year.
    • mushroom
      Too much of Yahoo has degenerated to filth. I'm surprised Verizon paid so much for it.
  • The Yah!zis blocked me on Answers a long time ago, just as old AB left me in the penalty box to rot.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! Why?!
    • Linda Joy
      Do they take points off for something? I think I may have gone there once and signed on but they took points off for something and I didn't like that so I didn't go back.
    • mushroom
      See my avatar? I did something similar with the old AB logo and they dinged me for copying another profile, or some such nonsense. Maybe the new owners have a sense of humor (or just haven't noticed yet).

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