• Suspense, I like the guessing part of it. When you think you know who did it in the one chapter and change your mind in another and the​ person you never expected did it at the end. Those are the kind of books I never wanna put down
  • I read The Celestine Prophecy (kind of Sci-Fi/Spirituality). That changed me a bit. I read The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. Also affected my way of thinking. I like books that can do that. There was a Spiritual Principles book by Deepak Chopra, and some Wayne Dyer. Yea, I'm not into fiction. If I'm going to invest all the hours it takes to read hundreds of pages, I want to benefit by it. (I even read "Who Moved My Cheese" LOL though I shouldn't admit I bought that one . Lots of business books. Books on making films, writing comedy, music. ....
    • Linda Joy
      I read one Wayne Dyer book back when I was in my early 20's. I agreed with some of it some of it I disagreed with.
    • Linda Joy
      When I was raising sons and grandsons and working most of the reading I did was to them. I've only started again in the past few years.
    • Linda Joy
      I've read the Stephanie Plum novels, the Divergent series, Twilight, The Bible, though I don't claim to have it memorized, or even understand some parts of it, I've read it and it has inspired me and made my life immensely better. My God is real! He changed me. I love Him! And I read an autobiography by David Brinkley
  • Call me a nerd, but all my books are instructional.
    • Linda Joy
      What kind of instruction, nerd? (that's not an insult nerds are hot!)
  • My favorite book is Alif Laila. Because of the islamic story in here.
  • I guess my #1 book is still the Bible, but I read so many books. Eagles and Empires, The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving the Road to 'Hell, The Royal Law of Liberty:Living in Freedom Under Christ's Law of Love. On the Beach, West of the Revolution: An Uncommon History of 1776, Divine Sex, God is not a Homophobe. Al Seiber Chief of Scouts, to name but a very few. I enjoy history books and studies on Christian living
  • i'm kinda liking 50 Shades of grey at the moment
  • i like books like chicken soup for the soul
  • Recently I have been reading a number of the ancient Biblical histories. These histories tend to fill in many of the gaps with additional history associated with the Bible. The Cave of Treasures is a very good example also the Gospel of the infant Jesus. I am currently reading The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth a very good book on life before, during and after the life of Jesus but it is a very difficult book to read.
    • Linda Joy
      Just be sure to pray for discernment to know the truth of what you read!
    • Thinker
      These books are histories that I have found to be very helpful in increasing my knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The newest is the last book I mentioned, the Life and times of Jesus of Nazareth written in the 1880's and well worth the time to understand the lives of the Jews in the era from about 20 BC forward. This book is very long and very detailed but well worth the time. It is available on Kindle in case you are interested. The others are also available on Kindle or you can google them by name on the internet.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for your answer, but I don't read sacrilege.
  • Sophie Kinsella books, and some biographies. Also, Stephen King.
  • I switch from mystery books to spy books to who done it books.
  • I vary the type of books I read or else, I will get the characters mixed up.
  • very many! My favorite is "The Hobbit". Love the verbal descriptions (and of course the story, which is so very much better than the story presented in the movie series.) The Bible - is the book that has influenced me most, and I've read the whole thing several times. What else? I tend to favor sci fi, fantasy and who-dun-its. BUT ALSO classic literature is almost always REALLY, REALLY enjoyable, no matter the genre. (It's classic for a reason.) SO (for example): even though Dickinson addresses subject matter that really is NOT "my cup of tea", I can't help but really enjoy his work. Ditto Dracula, Huckleberry Finn, Little House on the Prairie, etc. etc. Note that there ARE a very few classics that (imo) are real bores, such as Frankenstein for example. ANYway, a short list of some of my very favorite books and/or series. - sci fi - Asimov: the Foundation Trilogy. Only the first three books, thank you very much. Wonderful stories. Fantasy: The Hobbit and The Sword in the Stone. (The Sword in the Stone is absolutely a must-read, best for young teens or older, but keep a dictionary and your wit handy.) Who-dun-its: I really like The Three Investigators series (which probably will appeal most to young boys). As far as adult whodunit novels, I'll go with Asimov's excellent scifi whodunit The Caves of Steel (and note that the following novel in the series, The Naked Sun, is nearly as excellent), any of the Sherlock Holmes books, and of course several Agatha Christie novels.
  • Pretty much entirely history and archaeology. When I was young I read a lot of literary novels, including all of Dickens, and a lot of drama from all different periods. I also used to read novels and old dramas in French on occasion just because. I also read a lot of classic sci-fi when I was young. Now all I'm interested in is accumulating factual information.

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