• We have Roku, Hulu and Netflix. Actually he has that stuff, I just use it sometimes.
  • Youtube and dailymotion
  • I just recently got Netflix and I'm not impressed. The quality is better than dailymotion, but the selection sucks! There's hardly any comedy that isn't disgustingly filthy. And almost everything is rated R. I couldn't find Big Bang Theory, NUMB3RS, Chuck, Psych, Warehouse 13, Ureka, The Bourne Identity, the Bourne supremacy, it seemed like everything I was looking for wasn't there. Perhaps you have some suggestions? Like I said I'm new to Netflix. Maybe I should be searching differently.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      That's why I left Netflix. I never saw anything I wanted to watch.
    • Majik-1
      Netflix has fallen into the depths of "original" movies & no longer offers much of anything else. I cut Netflix over 2 year ago & I still don't miss them!!! Every few months I look back to see what I have & what I watch. I often find that I've grown tired of much of what I have, so I pull the plug on any I don't watch frequently & add a few FREE channels. I love really old cartoons & I have a subscription to Boomerang. I like Frndly because I find a lot of decent series available. I get Prime for FREE with my Prime account with Amazon. Tubi isn't bad but not overly exciting. You can watch a lot of stuff for FREE if you're willing to put up with a few ads. The Roku Channel isn't bad either. Crackle isn't great but is also watchable with a few ads.
  • None, I prefer using physical media.
  • Netflix I definitely watch more than the others. However I also have Disney Plus, Prime, and Hulu.
  • Disney+
  • I have an Amazon Prime account and it’s the only streaming service I use
  • Netflix

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