• No I would not say that as a general statement. In large part because each parent / off spring relationship in this regard is different and many are extremely different.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Hey Rooster, Is that you this is DancesWithWolves?
  • How are you defining "young"? No, I don't think 20-somethings are encouraged to have too much independence -- that's what they SHOULD have. And earlier, through the teens, they should be working towards that independence in a judiciously slow but steady manner. That's the point of growing towards adulthood -- becoming independent.
  • Just the opposite. I think too many of them are not taught how to function independently. I think parents have forgotten their job is to teach self sufficiency not dependence by doing everything for them and giving them money. EVERY person who eats should know how to cook. EVERY person who wears clothes should learn how to wash them. Especially teens need to learn how to shop on a budget, though even some parents haven't yet learned this! They should be taught the basics of car and home maintenance before they leave home. And they should be taught how to help others, have empathy, serve their community, and volunteer. And they should be taught how to work and earn money. By the time they leave home they should be self sufficient. And that includes money. Loans may be beneficial to your young adult, but they should not expect you to give them money after they are grown. And they should get their own place. You are not being mean by doing this. Being mean is encouraging them to be dependent on you and then you dying and leaving them unprepared to function in life without you!

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