• I have been doing the same thing as you. Just looking for the best question and answer site.
    • Myang
      and why you're looking for that kind of site as well?
  • A long time ago, I was fixing a friends old car & needed some information about replacing an electrical part with one a few years newer. I Googled my question and Google sent me to Answerbag, where I asked my question again. Within a day I had a good answer from someone who went through the exact same problem. I was impressed with what I found on the original AB and before I knew it ... I got addicted to having fun and joking around with some great new friends. Some of those old friends are here and some others have stopped by here for a visit. I miss a lot of them and I'm hopeful that they will come back again soon.
    • Myang
      ahhh. i see. well my first question in AB brought me here. :) and i found the answers mostly accurate and you/they have good sense.
    • Roaring
      Same for me a long time ago. I did a general search while repairing a television or stereo when I had a shop, then started exploring the questions, answers and comments. Most recently it was Myang liking a comment of mine from a while ago that brought me back. It still needs some kind of pizazz though.
    • Ice man
      Thanks for responding. What was your profile name on the old site ? You almost sound like someone I use to communicate with on a regular basis. Am I right ? Do you recognize my Avatar ?
  • 3-13-2017 Yahoo Answers shit all over itself and I went looking for another hangout. I joined several and most of them closed right after I joined.
    • Myang
      i hope this site will not disappear like the other.
  • Kim Jong-Un....
  • I had a number of identities on the old Answerbag. I created this new identity here on the 5th anniversary of when I first joined the old site. I could not find my old profiles & it wouldn`t let me revive the old names. So I used this name which I had planned to use for a new account on the old site just before it was suddenly zapped.
    • Roaring
      Interesting. Somehow I still have my same name and only had to add a new avatar.

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