• He always put on a good show. Regardless of whether his daredevil motorcycle jumps went according to plan, or ended with a near miss and him bouncing around like a rag-doll on the ground.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Aug. 11 2016
  • Yes I remember seeing him do jumps on tv as a kid. My younger brother had the stunt cycle too. There was a pretty cool documentary about him not to long ago on the History channel.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. He died years ago now, but I'm glad History Channel gave him more than a passing nod. : )
  • Yes, I do remember him.
    • Ice man
      He suffered a horrible crash at Wembley Stadium after jumping over (I believe it was) 13 London Buses parked side by side. Were you there ?
    • Nosmo King
      I wasn't at the venue where it happened, but I remember reading about it in the newspaper. I was about 13 at the time.
  • He was one crazy dude. I saw on American Pickers that the more they crashed the more people would come to see those kinds of people. Which doesn't say much for their fans.
    • Ice man
      True, but this isn't something new. If you look back in history you'll find that the human race has always had a lust for death and destruction. When the Romans filled their arenas, it was to watch people get cut to shreds and killed. Today people fill the stands at stockcar races, not for the race but rather for the crashes.
    • Gen.eric
      I had the lunchbox and wind up motorcycle. No brains in his jumps, but the man had huge stones.
    • officegirl
      There you have it!
  • I remember hearing somewhere that he had broken every bone in his body (not at same time, but over the course of his career, haha). That's one crazy fearless, felia.
    • Ice man
      That would be correct. Of course I've done a lot of "crazy shit" too. the only difference ( other than making a million bucks) is that I'm still alive and can still tell the stories,
  • Yes! Didn't his son try it too?
    • Ice man
      That would be the "Snake River" canyon jump. : )
  • Yes that was awhile back! I remember he always wore red white and blue.
  • I believe he had every bone in his body broken at one time or another. (Not all at the same time). I only saw one televised stunt of his. Super Dave Osborne could never get his stunts to work out either but didn't break his bones.
  • I saw him crash in the Poconos sometime in the late 60's or 70's. I also saw Joey Chitwood's thrill show and Jungle Jim win a drag race at Englishtown..So I am old regardless of how young I look and act.
  • I liked Super Dave Osbourne.
  • Oh yes I remember the Snake River jump! Aug. 11 2017

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