• If they show no sign of remorse, you will never make them feel guilty no matter how hard you try. But, pay backs can be a bitch. : )
  • No - just think about what you are asking. Would you want someone making you feel guilty for something because they felt you showed no signs of remorse? If we start thinking in this we make ourselves accusers, judge, and jury, and executioner. In other words we see ourselves at the center of the universe. Extend that thinking and you just have everybody a law unto themselves and what you get is the kind of gang behavior where if you feel "disrespected" you retaliate by blowing their head off. If you want a society to be civil you had better not be going around trying to punish people for supposed wrongs. No one will feel remorse just because you think they should. They have to on their own. Best take a higher road and forgive and realize that some people will seek to hurt others because that is what makes them feel they are powerful. So they feed on such things. If you try to retaliate against them you are letting them know they have won their game. Best not to play their game at all and ignore them instead.
    • Crazychick
      That's not the way I see things, officegirl. Your way of seeing this is totally foreign to me. I grew up with the idea that if we do something wrong we are jolly well punished for it. Also the idea that people should feel guilty when they do something wrong. It wasn't a "supposed" wrong I was talking about, it was a deliberate attack on me by a guy I knew nothing about and did nothing to make him angry first. I won't let the matter rest until I (a) find out why he did it and (b) have the satisfaction that he's been severely punished for it. That's what winning the game is all about. Forgiving isn't always the "higher road" people think it is, and even if it was it's not always possible.
  • I think you need their guilt to surface as it will or won't. In the mean time get "crazy"!
  • A person who is incapable of feeling remorse is often labelled with antisocial personality disorder - as characterized in the DSM IV-TR. You may be wasting your time. I was raised to believe that I wouldn't be forgiven for anything unless I demonstrated that not only did I feel guilty but also that the depth of my guilt was so great that I was in agony over what I did. Good luck trying that with me now as an adult---I can not be so moved. I understand your wanting to do that, but perhaps you can wait until the Karma train hits him.
    • Crazychick
      Or perhaps I can wait until the Manchester train hits him. Lol:)
  • Deuteronomy 32:35 "Vengeance is mine, and retribution, At the appointed time when their foot slips, For the day of their disaster is near, And what awaits them will come quickly.
    • C3Po
      religion is so ambiguous, its the greatest protector of the wicked and the biggest oppressor of the weak.
    • Creamcrackered
      The law is the great protector of the rich and a big oppressor of the poor. Because the rich can make bail and pay the fine, the poor cannot.
  • you may have answered your question in the question. they wont show signs of remorse so in most cases they may not have any, or its so small in comparison with their other triggers that it pails to make any changes. You can remind them of their failures all you want, youll end up losing them in the end. or you can simply ask them. HOW DID THIS MAKE YOU FEEL? DO YOU FEEL ANYTHING WHEN THIS HAPPENS? dont beat around the bush so to speak just be straight with them. in most cases theyll respect the bluntness.
  • I wish I knew the answer to that question myself.
  • Well, when you accuse people of things they didn't do there is no reason for them to feel remorse. And trying to force someone to feel ANYTHING is wrong. How they feel is their choice, just like you feeling they have offended you when they didn't do anything but joke around. How do you make someone with NPD feel like not everything is about them?
  • Why would someone feel guilty for something they obviously have no guilt over?
  • Give them the evil-eye look.

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