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  • I don't think you have any reason to doubt her. I would guess most of us do feel it. However I only sometimes do in my vagina. I can feel them swell up just before and the comforting warm wetness after but seldom the actual ejaculation. Not sure why this is but has always been true. Anal I can feel everything which is just great!
    • dorat
      Be sure, I didn't mean to suggest that I did doubt her. I just wondered if this is something intensely personal to her or something that a woman feels. By the way, interesting. Do you enjoy anal more than vaginal sex. My gf and I have been doing anal more lately - partly, if I am to be honest, because it works as birth control. Neither of us likes condoms and we are both sensitive to some of the health implications of the Pill and (less so) the diaphragm. My gf enjoys anal sex mostly if we are having a very animalistic sex. I will penetrate her ass but I am usually pounding her very hard when I do. Neither of us enjoys it as much when we are being more romantic. Do you actually enjoy anal sex more? It sounds like you feel more when you have anal sex. With which are you more likely to orgasm. If it is not too personal, does it matter if it is with your husband or some other guy? Great to hear from you, as always.
    • officegirl
      This mostly the same comment you made to another answer! When I chat with young women on AB or my stepdaughters and their friends I realize because of when I was born I have missed out on a lot of the potential joys of anal sex. Which is OK considering most of my life I never missed what was not there. I just have to thank God as well as a number of willing men that I have become capable to enjoy as much as I have and do! All of which is very personal but I feel is important for me to be personal on here. I can have very intense anal Os but mostly has been not of long duration because men sooner want to finish themselves so does not go on more than say ten minutes maybe or less. During which I come once or sometimes twice as long as it is hard enough. In the 1970s the dosage in oral contraceptives was so strong that it altered our whole personalities and made almost monsters out of us. So I lasted maybe three months and then I did not want anything more to do them ever. Now the dosage is considerable less so less harmful to us but still I never ever considered them again. And when I got into my 40s I just thought OK I won't become pregnant so I don't need to use anything which became my rule though eventually I did get pregnant in my mid 40s. Of course all that is behind me now and its a lot easier but darn if I don't miss just being able to conceive and everything that went with it!
    • dorat
      Yes, sorry I sometimes repeat because I am never totally sure because of the way the site is set up what you will get. As I also mentioned elsewhere, my gf and I are so erratic in our birth control methods, it is a wonder we don't have 7 unplanned children instead of just two of three. We found that my gf handled the Pill okay, but she tends to be sensitive to medicines and so - and also because of the other potential health implications - we tend not to use it. Suffice to say, I almost expect to hear almost every day, "Honey, guess what? I'm pregnant." Hasn't happened in 6 years - 4 if you count our daughter who was planned - but I still don't bet against it.
    • officegirl
      Yes really we never know whether what we post will be read - even by the people we want to read it. And I repeat myself over and over I know. Because certain things in my experience were or are more significant than others. So I more dwell upon them. Really is a shame you don't get more responses to your questions. I would guess perhaps there are only a handful of people on the current AB who are even interested in what are considered "adult" questions and subjects. Indian people in general (and I am guessing this is now an Indian-owned site) are more conservative sexually. from what I have heard from former correspondents on here some of whom were good friends. Must get pretty dull for you only hearing from an aging secretary trying to pretend she is sophisticated! You need more Emmas on here. You know I used to chat with Emma and her husband a couple of years ago when they were first considering inviting male friends to be with her. No doubt I encouraged them and when their experiences turned out very positive for both of them I assumed they would remain friends but then they stopped corresponding with me so I guess they thought my encouragement was in the end to threatening to their relationship. Which has been the story of most of my friendships with younger women on here. .
    • dorat
      Speaking of never being sure if we get messages - I just saw this. No, by the way, you are NEVER dull - as I noted to you elsewhere. I find your comments both helpful and insightful. As to Emma, I would not read that much into it. People move on. It happens and it is not aimed at us personally. I will bet, if you asked her, that she is actually grateful to you. You are always way too harsh on yourself.
    • hot&ready
      Yes, most of the time I can feel when my man cums inside my pussy
    • RebeccaSJ
      Mmmm hmmm.

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