• Truth.
  • is truth
  • These are your only choices? It hints that perhaps you have made your mind up...but it is neither. It is truth. And the more it is attacked, the more it is proven to be accurate. Even in the smallest of details. In the 1800s, historians scoffed at the Bible mentioning the Hittite peoples, as there was no proof of such a people. Then archaeology discovered the Hittite Capital city- Catal Huyuk- and ahem....the greatness of the Hittites was revealed, as well as their satellite settlements down as far as Canaan (modern Israel). The existence of Pontius Pilate was laughed at until an inscription was found in Cana with his name on it. Camels at the time of Abraham was denied, until evidence turned up that they were domesticated then. THe list goes on and on. The Bible is used as a historical text in many sub-fields of history and archaeology. The account of Paul's voyages in Acts is a compulsory text for all people studying shipping history in the Mediterranean. The text is correct down to wind direction, and has been used to recreate the voyage in recent times. If the writers were so concerned to be accurate in such details, why doubt them in the larger ones? They are telling what they saw with their own eyes. It may astound you, and confuse you, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen just the way they said it did.
  • Can I wait until the movie has ended to answer the question?
    • we are dough 68
  • Once I took my date in a row boat out to a deserted island. The tide went out and the boat was land locked. Fortunately, a passing boat saw us and towed us back into the water.
  • No, but I went thru it all with Tom Hanks when he was.
  • Yeah, that's when Mr Howell got Maryanne Pregnant. They had to cancel the show. lol😊

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