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  • Kissing and licking but most men don't get anything out of it - they aren't as hooked up as we are.
    • dorat
      Actually I kind of like it. I agree, it never blows my mind, but especially if my gf nibbles on me just a bit. It is kind of sexy. However, I have a bit of a hairy chest and my gf says that she generally ends up with "hairballs." Makes me laugh.
    • officegirl
      All part of love and intimacy honey. Those of us who don't shave "down there" have a lot of experience with men going down on us gagging and choking on a hair that gets in their mouth.
    • dorat
      Eh, I just use a toothpick after we are done to get the hair out. Ya give a little, ya get a little. Cheers!

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