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  • I have heard this before and seen it. First of all. The girls has no rights in telling a male friend or a female friend who they can talk to or who they can touch. For example a girl many years ago told a boy who she was spending time with that he can not huge, kiss or be naked with his family (male/fema). Let me explain this very simply terms. When a person tell someone else what they going to do with someone else tell you they have some serious issues. The do this to protect their sex drive because they get arousal by us being around others. The girl what the boy for her only pleasure. Self seeking. When someone put taboos on someone else it tell you they have serious sexually issues. I am a marry male. I still love to hug my mom, sisters. Mky wife does not have issues with it. Our marry is balances. My sons have female and male friends. My daughters have male and female friends. They do not tell each other what and what they will not do with others. No one own anyone else. My 11 year old son has female friends. He spend time with each one of them as he does with the males. They do not tell him what he will do or not to do. He does not do it to them either. This junk I see that goes on with preteens and teens in telling each other who they can or can not talk too. That the parent job. Now if you know someone is talking to someone who they not to be around than you speak up and let that person know. I what one of the female girls out there to tell my son who he can be close to and who he can not be close to. They will not be around him no more. When my father father die. My dad told me how this guy got all work up about this girl who was his first cousin. My granddad father was born 11 days after her. They were both first cousin. He saw her and him holding hands. Hugging each other, and kissing. She told him off quickly. You do not tell me what I will do or not do with my families. She drop him. This guy need to drop this girl and move on. She has no rights in tell him what he do and not do. My wife does not tell me that I can not hug my sisters or mom.
  • Does not seem that she is having that great a time with him.
  • 01-01-2017 Well, if he wants her to be his one and only, he has to respect the rules, and that means one and only for both of them. That is the ONLY permissible reason for an ultimatum.

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