• The police would have made a bad situation worse. I think you did the right thing.
  • You were not wrong.
  • I'm shocked that a women would have acted that way~! Extremely. I think you did the right thing. Hindsight Is 20/20 But Foresight Is Priceless. Makes you think of what you should do next time something crazy comes up in public. Just can plans sometimes though.
  • He's a grown man. He didn't need your permission and I don't think he asked for it. It may have been a mistake, but it would have been his. Now he's aggravated with you for being bossy. You misunderstood your role here. If he wanted to call the cops, he should have. So in the end he proved a bit weak, and you proved a bit bossy.
  • i wouldve called the police if someone did that to me
  • i wouldve called the cops, theres no excuse for that

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