• Hmm! Keep tossing that darn coin, make sure it has different sides
  • You are certainly not going to help yourself by cursing God. What makes you think it is God who "gets" pretty girls to like guys? And what would make you think that because one has "luck" they are somehow favored by God? If truly believed in God you would believe that God loves all persons, even sinners, and wants what is best for all. And you would not hold God to account for not giving you what you want at every given moment. That is selfish - and therein I think lies your problem. You need to get your mind off yourself and on to the well being of others, get up from your computer and your porn, and learn how to get along with and interact successfully and creatively with others. And oh just so you know - there is more to us than just being "pretty". Maybe you should learn to respect all the other things we are and can be as well.
  • not sure but ive never been one of the lucky ones
  • Great question, my intelligent friend. I've been wondering the same thing all my life, too. Have you considered walking the path of homosexuality ? You might get more luck down that direction..
  • thats cause life aint fair

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