• Use your bible for a door stop like everybody else does. The house sways a small amount as it gets older, so the door is no longer vertical. If you let this go on, the house might collapse in about 200 years.
    • RareCatch
      I liked your answer 200 years yep. Nov. 19
  • Hire a pro you cheap person
    • RareCatch
      I am the pro~Maint. supervisor. Now what? Just looking for a clue. Liked you answer! Nov.19
  • 9-13-2017 Stare at a clothespin until you think you can remember what the spring looks like. Go to a hardware store and buy a spring that looks similar. Remove the pin from the hinge on the offending door and slip the spring over it. Put it back in. Now the door will stay open, but you can close it if you want to. Here is a method that does not require you to buy anything:
  • Have you tried a 16d nail? tends to work well but then you can't close it when you want. Other than that try placing a shim behind the hinge plate. might take several tries and thicknesses but you can eventually find the right one.

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