• If you can get the same degree from the Community Collage as the University, go Community. In my opinion the only need for an University is when you are going in to a field like medical, law, ext. University always looks better but does not guarantee an extra edge in a filed like real estate. Then again, that just my opinion.
  • If you can't find a degree program in real estate (I've never heard of one), you could try for a business degree. That would probably help you. A word of caution, though. The real estate market in Florida is declining and real estate agents can make either a lot of money or nearly none at all. Just be sure you do some industry research first. A business degree may offer a wider horizon in the future. Good luck.
  • Getting your real estate liscense is a matter of finding a school for real estate specifically and enrolling, passing a few tests, getting a liscense, and getting a job. In NC, I've been told that you need to have a company backing you who is willing to hire you once you graduate, and am not sure if it's the same in other states. I would recommend getting a degree in something like hospitality and business, and doing real estate on the side.
  • If you want to be a real estate agent you need to get licensed. I have never heard of a four year degree in real estate, but I know many community colleges have 1-2 year programs that train you to take the licensing exam. Once you are a licensed agent you will be able to find work for a real estate company (i.e. broker). Many brokers will hire teenagers (18+) because you are paid on commission, so they only pay you when you made them money. If all you want to do is become a real estate agent (and eventually a broker), then a bachelor degree may not do much for you. However, if you ever want to change careers, that bachelor’s degree will be invaluable. So I would advize this. Go to a community college that has a real estate agent program, but while you are there complete an Associates of Arts degree (AA). Most community colleges have a generic AA in “liberal arts,” or you can choose any AA program that sounds interesting. This way you can take the agent exam and begin working in your chosen field. But if you change your mind or want to switch careers, you can apply to a university and complete a bachelor’s degree in only two more years. Or if you want, you can transfer to a university and work part time as an agent while you complete your bachelor’s degree. As an added bonus, your bachelors degree would cost about half of what it would had you went straight to a university. On the other hand, being a freshman and living the dorm life at a university is a life altering experience that you may not want to pass up. You can get to where you want to go through community college, but you will have more fun getting there by going to a university. But note, after graduating from a university you would still have to take an additional course to get your real estate agent license.

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