• The nation is collapsing, along with a depressing fraction of the world. Some of the symptoms of impending collapse are a big drop in quality of the arts, rejection of traditional standards of morality, and worshiping slobs and rebels instead of heroes. Another is closing the borders to immigrants at the same time immigrants take over basic service jobs that citizens refuse to do.
    • FishyFish
      The west isn't doing too well. I agree with what you're saying, but, hey, give it a few more years and--allahu akbar.
    • Jewels Vern
      We have this prophecy we call Armageddon. The USA is prominently absent from the story. The country must collapse and become helpless before then. You are seeing prophecy being fulfilled as you watch.
  • I don't think you mean "someone with no talent can create" -- I think you mean no skill. If trained, many modern artists would likely produce interesting art, I imagine. But went you can just put feces in a jar and get a showing, why bother learning your craft?
  • You guys just don't understand the deep meaning of a giant metallic balloon dog ( It's been "celebrated around the world." This art reaches deep into my soul. I mean -- GIANT -- METAL -- BALLOON -- DOG. Could Michelangelo do anything like this? You people must be heathens.
  • everyone is "busy" being popular. today's world is full of flash in the pan fads that keep people occupied and dumbed down.
  • Because it's modern, why else?
  • Much of it is but not all of it. I have a house full of recent paintings and prints I liked so well I wanted to own them. They provide me with constant enjoyment.
    • Jewels Vern
      12-05-2016 I walked through the local art museum and I have to admit the displays were technically very good. I just didn't happen to care. I was more impressed by the design of the building with its moveable partitions that did not overpower the art, as most museums do.
  • what do you mean no talent man has no talent..everyone has a talent.. maybe they are not that good in the subject but it doesn't mean that they don't have talent.... and why do you think that is really disappointing to see a painting of a vase, a simple flower, a ball ... they maybe have a meaning a story behind this things for the artist who made... why do you think they will create them if it doesn't have any meaning to the artist... You can just create an art if you have a reason an inspiration to do it..Not everyone can do it but I believe all the artist who are part of modern art have their own reason, own story behind the art they made.
  • Good art is always hard to find. You just have to look harder.

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