• My young baby brother was 6 years younger. I was round when my parents were potty training him. And when he discovered himself, my parents would tell him to go do that his room. It was my first understanding exactly the difference boys bodies
    • Sammy
      Excellent Bella that how it should be in the family. That sister can learn from her brother. I sure you being 12, you learn from other boys your age. Disagree with your mother on that he discovered himself to go to his room. Well it very important that children be in the open area with their family. This keeps the child safe and to be sure in what he doing or what she is doing. You can share more if you like to. Thanks for responding.
    • Bella
      I totally disagree. Everything does not need to be open. Understanding the differences was important vs. being ignorant. I gained an understand through the stages of life. My parents helping us understand the difference between private and public I feel was just as important as understanding the differences in gender.
    • Sammy
      I total disagree with you. It total norma with brother and sisters in the familly to learn and to grow with their parents explaining thins they need to know.
  • I would never have talked with boys about that stuff and only talked about it with some friends. I learned by doing.
    • Sammy
      So your friends just female only. You know they do not know anymore about boys than you do. There nothing wrong with a girls talking to boys about anything as long it done with respect and trust. So had sex as a minor. Sex outside of marriage is wrong. Sex is a event that take place between a husband and wife. There is nothing wrong with girls asking boys question or boys asking girls question.

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