• If you reside in the U.S, citizen or not, and earn an income within the U.S., you must file with the U.S. to pay the taxes due on the money you earned in the U.S. You must also file with "your" (the) State and City that you reside in to pay all State and Local taxes on the income you earned. The same is true for illegal aliens who work in the U.S., which has recently become one of the main topics of interest among many U.S. citizens who do pay Federal, State and Local taxes on their income. If you do not want to pay UK source income, and I am not inciting rioting because it is illegal to do so, U.S. history suggests that you must go to Boston Harbor and throw tea into the Bay.
  • Funny... thank you! I don't earn an income within the USA. I am married to a US citizen who works and earns in the USA. We file jointly - am I obliged to do so? Thanks.
  • A U.S. resident alien's income is generally subject to tax in the same manner as a U.S. citizen. If you are a U.S. resident alien, you must report all interest, dividends, wages, or other compensation for services, income from rental property or royalties, and other types of income on your U.S. tax return. You must report these amounts whether they are earned within or outside the United States. source:

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