• Either that, or an anti-inflammatory, like Alleve.
  • I am going through that right now. I coughed for hours last night and my chest and back are so sore. I took some ibuprofin about an hour ago and it has worked in the past so I vote yes for it.. Good Luck if your going through it.
  • I would say an anti-inflammatory... pretty much anything but Tylenol, which does not have such an ingredient. Talk to your doctor about mucinex, if it is that kind of cough.
  • You need something to ease the cough as well as something for the pain. Ibuprofin for the pain but i am not sure what you can get over the counter for easing coughs in the US at the moment. It would of course depend on what type of cough it is.
  • I think you should try an expectorant because you definitely need to get whatever in your lungs is causing you to cough out. They sell these over the counter examples are mucinex, guianfensin. Drink lots of fluids as that will thin mucus secretions and make it easier to cough up. When you do cough it up make sure you spit it out. As for they sore chest muscles, I would take tylenol or ibuprofen, try both to see which works better for you. Getting rid of the cough will ease the pain as well. If the cough lasts longer than 2 weeks you may have bronchitis so you should see a doctor for an antibiotic.
  • Rubitussin with expectorant. Awesome stuff (I actually use the CVS brand - Tussin CF).

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