• It may not help, but the main problem seams to me to be what we are doing now, not what we did in the past.
  • I cant see a direct co-relation no... American Indians havnt developed a 'death to all infidels' approach or any dangerous fundamentalism that I have heard about. Its the middle-east that have, since the dawn of time, been fighting over religion and land. It was only when they posed a global threat that we had to have a quiet word in their ear. Likewise, the Aboriginal minorities in Australia havnt given any inclination of militant stance against the British immigrants. Terrorism, is based on extreme militant religious fundamentalism and that I can only see as active is in the middle-east.
  • The link is very tenuous at the most. The link is SIN, rebellion against God and his plans. The Bible does indeed teach that the sins of the father are visited on the children. We see that in all suffering on earth. The original rebellion of Adam and Eve has reverberated down the centuries. (At the same time, so has God's mercy, but that is a different discussion) Not all suffering is direct cause-effect. Sometimes, in fact often, people suffer because of other peoples' rebellion against God. We see this when a drunk driver hits a pedestrian, or a child catches HIV from its infected mother. On a global scale, we see wars resulting from the interference in the past of colonial powers (eg Pakistan. India), but even before colonialism, these areas were fighting anyway. There is no doubt that British Colonialism and the destruction of native peoples are impacting on present day societies, but this hardly explains modern day terrorism: 1) Islam has been expanding by warfare since its inception. Rarely in its history has the Muslim world tried to explain jihad in anything but literal terms. (Some moderates try now, but they know that this is not the historical way that Islam has defined jihad).Jihad is the "struggle" of the Dar-ul Islam (World of Islam) against the Dar-Al Harb (the world of war)and it is enjoined upon Islamic powers to extend the Dar-Ul Islam. 2)We, in the west are ignorant of our own history. In the century after Mohammed, Islam took North Africa, then spread into Spain, getting as far as Tours/Poitiers in France, when they were turned back by the Franks. However, it took until the 15th century to push them back across the Mediterranean. Revisionist history has this as a great and glorious time in Spain, and it is true that the Kingdom of Al-Andalus did afford its rulers great wealth so that they were able to finance higher learning of a type not seen in the rest of Europe, but at what cost? Certainly the Iberian peoples suffered under the Muslim rulers of Al-andalus. At best they were dhimmis, secondary citizens who paid heavy taxes for the privilege of worshipping as Christians. At worst, they were restricted from building or repairing what churches were permitted to remain in operation, and to engage in any religious activity beyond the church buildings. And it was not only Spain. In the 8th century, Muslim forces took Malta and Sicily, holding them for centuries until, just before the first Crusade, they were driven back across the sea. This was why Medieval Europe hated Islam. It had firsthand experience of living under its banners and did not like it. When the Turks began to encroach on Byzantine lands, taking the Holy Land and then, defeating the Emperor at Manzikert in 1071. This was the background to the Crusades. The sovereign ruler of Byzantium called for help to prevent his kingdom from being overrun. Where is Byzantium now? Under Turkish rule: its libraries destroyed, its culture obliterated, its people the victims of genocide, a genocide that continued until the 1920s. Even now, the moderate Turkish government refuses to let historical churches such as Hagia Sophia in Istanbul be used for worship. Instead they are museums. They restore such buildings, but even as recently as 2005, while parading the restoration of an 11th c Armenian church at Lake Van, they refused to let the Armenians worship in it. It, too, is a museum. The Turks advanced into Europe relentlessly, but Europe has forgotten. In 1682, the Ottomans last attempted to take Vienna. They remained in power in much of the Balkans until recent times. That is why the Bosnians are Muslims- they were force converted by the Ottomans. If they had not been, there would have been less problems in the Balkans.(I am not saying it would have solved the Balkan problems as there are many other factors involved). And in Africa? Yes, British colonialism did a lot of damage, but not as much as Muslim colonialism. At the end of British colonialism in India, India had enough educated people and infrastructure to form a viable government. The Indian people were still largely Hindu (not having been force converted) and Indian culture still flourished. Likewise, Pakistan was not force converted. Not so under Islam. Ask the Berbers of North AFrica (formerly Christians before being conquered by the Arabs). Their language and culture has been subjugated almost to extinction by the Arabs. Look at Indonesia. THirty years ago, when I first went there, you hardly saw a headscarf, even though it was a majority Muslim country. Now, the beautiful regional costumes of Indonesia are disappearing, being replaced by jilbabs and hijab, the bright colours of the tropics becoming muted. All because of Saudi money and Wahhabist evangelism. I acknowledge the horrors done to native peoples in Australia and America in the past, but recent governments have tried to redress these wrongs. What of AFrica and Islam, though? Europe engaged in slavery from the 16th century to the early 19th, with committed Christians constantly fighting against it, and winning the battle (Wesley, Wilberforce, Newton were all evangelical Christian). Islam, however, has been taking slaves from East Africa since its inception, and continued to do so until the 20th century. It still condones the abuse and enslavement of black Africans in the Sudan. One of the saddest indictments of it, though, is that, while there are large black populations in the USA, there are not in the Arab world-what happened to the millions taken in slavery? What happened to the children of Christian populations in Armenia and the Balkans, who were taken as jannisseries (a tax). The answer? Many were castrated. Others were sent as brainwashed frontline troops against the infidels, often their own peoples. Modern day terrorism comes from many sources, but colonialism is not one of the major ones. It comes from a religious mindset that has existed since its inception AND is funded by Saudi oil money. It is fostered by imams who teach a revisionist Islamic view of history, where they have been oppressed, and encouraged by the same imams to achieve what Islam has always sought to achieve: Islam which means "submission". (Yes, Muslims will say it means "peace" and so it does, but not peace by mutual agreement; instead it means "peace by submission" IOW subjugation of will)
  • Compared to the past few thousand years I think we have got it pretty good.
  • Not at all. Even looking at the American Indians, they were killing each other long before the Europeans arrived. Tribes were killing each other and taking their land for years before Columbus even thought about making a trip. Dominance by conquest has been the way of man since the dawn of time. The Europeans did it. The Africans did it. The Asians did it. It has nothing to do with modern terrorism.

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