• In the words of stage actress, Talulah Bankhead, "well darling, he's never sucked my (you can complete this statement").My question: is he dating anyone currently, or has he dated anyone recently? Someone out their has some dirt they are willing to share.
  • i know a chick who claims to date him and says he's not
  • I met him, and spent some time with him at a party. I don't think he is gay, but he is a bit of a nerd. Also, because of his height, he probably does not have a lot of experience with girls, thus fueling the rumors. I would guess him to be about 5' 6"
  • I have to say, as a gay man my gay-dar goes off the charts every time I watch & listen to him. Also this is interesting take on your question: Plus the episode of Road Tasted where they are in NYC going to all the dessert places, when they get to the place that has the cheesecake lollipops, you could tell by his body language he was really into the chef that was showing them how to make them. And the chef was a very attractive young guy.
  • He seems like a good guy and GAY. That's a good thing... :D
  • While you may not recognize it, such a question in a public forum would not be pleasing to the individual or his family. It's GladysKravitzesque.
  • Wow Anonymous - First you need not be rude - and then take it down a few pegs. While it may not be a subject that should be on a blog, when one chooses to a career that puts them in the spot light they are subject to very private questions. I am from south Georgia and for the record it is Mama not Momma.....
  • To me in that "mystery picture" the first shirt to the left is low cut and looks like it is on a female...maybe someone wants a life and doesn't want it public. I am also a Tony Stewart fan and never really hear to much of his private life..but don't pay attention either but I don't think he is gay just because I hear of no women. Some just want a private life..I am a private person and even though everyone around here knows I am single now, when I am with someone they know they will not get to much information out of me about things. Just the way I am....but I am not gay either.
  • It looks like a girl in that picture when you look at it up close. I mean close...who the person is to the right I have no clue. BUT maybe people want to stay private about their own life, and that is their choice. I am a very private person, my family and friends know when I am with someone but they also know they will get no information of anything either... Some people are just that way...
  • No bobby Deen is not gay? It really pisses me off when people don't know what the heck they are talking about. I am sure your momma taught you if you don't have nothing to say nice then shut up. Don't write a check your ass can't cash. From a major fan of Bobby deen. His mother is respectable, and you need to have respect for his privacy and his families. seh7676
  • Cuppycake-- Sorry people can't post their thoughts and questions without rude feedback. You had a legit question and there was nothing wrong with it at all. I think he is adorable. You have to wonder about the rude comment that was posted. When people are that defensive they are actually giving all away! Both sons are obviously momma boys which is cute but with his ways and mannerisms you get the idea he might be gay. I don't know for sure but I've read a lot online. It could be possible. Either way he is a cute guy.
  • So...what if the question had been "Is Bobby Deen straight?" Would CuppyCake have been blasted for being rude, an invader of privacy, disrespectful, not pleasing, and "GladysKravitzesque"? And what if he was married to a woman with children? Would "Is Bobby Deen straight?" have been received warmly, with lots of gushing about him and his family? Or were these judgments all bestowed upon her simply because she uttered the word "gay"? If it's the latter, then I need to buy a newspaper and check the date because I thought this was 2009 in the United States and not 1945 in Nazi Germany.
  • If he is, so what? Can he cook me up some greens is all I wanna know? ;) A Southern Boy, so he's gotta know his greens. POINTS to help you out of the neg. :)
  • who cares if he is gay or not? I wish people would quit judging others by their personal lifestyles. It is nobody's business.I think what he prefers to be is his own business. Being single doesn't always mean a person is gay.If he what?The the only reason people have a concern is because of who his mother is. Being a celebrity has to be hell. I feel bad for him.People needs to find better things to worry about,like the economy right now.Hell things are so bad for all families. People have lost their jobs, and houses........etc.....and yet the concern is if someone is gay or not.What the hell is wrong with people? This is so stupid.
  • yes, ask michael peay
  • I sure hope not!! he is gorgeous!
  • just wanted to add that i think the guy is a cutie that has lived his whole life in the shadow of his brother. get over IT Bobby, your just as hot as your bro!!!!
  • I'll definitely join the club of "I hope so!! " Bobby Deen is a beautiful man.
  • Yes, he's very happy indeed. Probably not homosexual.
  • No Bobby is not gay. He is particular. He is a true old fashioned southern man who wants a woman that he can take home to meet his Mom,and not because they want to use him to meet his Mom. He is very comfortable with himself around all people, and his height doesn't seem to deter him from being himself with everybody. Let's finally put the rumors to rest.
  • Who cares???? Live and let live. As long as he's not commiting any crime, I must ask again, WHO CARES???
  • You can spot his gayness from outer space.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking that question. Heck I wan to know myself. he is very attractive. Definitely

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