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  • Grrr. I am utterly amazed at how often the subject of pregnancy and ovulation comes up. A woman can get pregnancy (catch) any day between the time she enters sexual maturity (12-13 years of age) until after menopause (45-55 years of age). Yep right in the middle of the bloodiest period you can imagine - it has happened and can happen. The only exception is directly after a pregnancy, and if a woman breast feds she can get up to two years free time without catching. Your chances of getting pregnant have a lot more to do with did you have protected sex or not than when or if you ovulated the first quad of the second ending of the game. (or any other time factor) The number of times you have unprotected sex raises the statistical chances of pregnancy. Sooner or later you will roll the dice and catch. Since your cycle is not following a schedule I would strongly urge you to speak to a doctor about the possibility of using the Pill - not only to prevent pregnancy but to put you on a schedule and also control the strength of the menstrual cycle. Women who have a fluctuating cycle usually end up with very powerful (painful) menstrual cycles. will tell you about the rhythm Method (AKA Vatican roulette) It says: 'Over the course of 1 year, as many as 25 out of 100 typical couples who rely on the rhythm method to prevent pregnancy will have an accidental pregnancy.' Meaning you have about a 25% risk factor for being pregnant. Mind I stress here that woman can (and have) gotten pregnant when they are (by the logic of VR) gotten pregnant when they are "not supposed to" during their lowest periods of fertility. Some women are so fertile that they almost get pregnant when a man looks at them... Others are at the other extreme to where they require intervention in order to get pregnant. Considering that your cycle is "wild" most likely you swing back and forth between fertility and infertility wildly and any given day has a 50/50 chance of you being either very ready or not.

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