• Linux Ubuntu. ... most popups are aimed at MS Windows ...
  • Not sure what operating system you're using, but Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox both have their own popup blockers. The Google Toolbar is decent and has a popup blocker as well as some other useful tools. There's almost always a way to get around them though with clever coding techniques used by certain web sites.
  • you can try the google or yahoo toolbar, they both have a pop-up blocker and many other features. You can check this article, for more spyware blocker info:
  • if you use mozilla firefox, you can use adblock plus, its worked miracles for me. it doesnt only block pop ups but also unwanted adds.
  • Here is one among many: StopZilla! Most Advanced Pop-up Blocker Available * Blocks Pop-ups spawned by Spyware, Adware, websites, and other sources. * Detects, blocks, and quarantines Spyware and Adware in true real time. * On-demand & automatic Spyware scanning. * Updates automatically for optimal protection. * Kills Browser Hijackers, removes rootkits, prevents botnet attacks. * Blocks Phishing Attacks, protects from malicious Web sites. * Clears Cookies & History. * FREE unlimited customer support via live chat, e-mail or toll-free calls.
  • Use Firefox browser. The built-in popup blocker is very good. Blocks almost 95% of the popups.

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