• Welcome to AB! The process is known as "pickling." It is a method of preserving foods. You can easily do this at home. There are many popular recipes for banana peppers. Here is a link to a forum that discusses a good variety of recipes: Hope I've been some help. (ps - Don't forget the alum!)
  • peppers garlic dill 1 cup pickling salt 1 cup vinegar 1 gallon water Wash peppers, make a slit in the side of each pepper. Alternatively, cut in half and remove seeds. Bell peppers can be used instead; cut into strips with some jalapeno added for zip. Pack in sterilized jars. For each jar, use one clove garlic, one bunch dill or one teaspoon dill seed. Bring pickling mixture to boil, pour over peppers and adjust seal. Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Tip: Heat jar lids before using for best results.
  • I just put mine in cider vinegar with some black peppercorns and a half teaspoon of sugar. Works for any kind of pepper, too. I do my jalapenos the same way.

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