• I don't hunt for sport but I am from a culture that does. The best way I can describle why the people of my culture hunt is to say they do it because it is a part of our way of life. When my people, the Acadians, came to south Louisiana way back when, we subsisted by huntin, trapping, and fishing. South Louisiana is teeming with wild game and fish. Only after we had been here for awhile did we begin to eek out a living farming. Suplimental meats were privided by hunting. We lived like that for over 200 years. That's a long time to live a certain way. Our culture developed during this time and included hunting. In the late 20th century, when oil began to take over the economy of south Louisiana, people no longer had to rely on the land to make a living. But by this time the hunting culture was so strong and prevalant that it has carried on to this day. Hunting and fishing are passed on from generation to generation because we place value on the link it has to our past. If you take away something of value to a people you had better replace it wit something of equal or greater value. or that people will revert to the old ways as soon as the newness wears off.
  • Because killing animals is the most fun thing I have ever done.
    • dickw60
      City slicker!
  • When I hunt it is for food. Sport is for city slickers. The work begins after the hunt cleaning and dressing the game. When I lived in Colorado a group of bragging city slickers were telling everyone about the three elk they had bagged. Upon examination they had killed and tagged three mules and didn't even dress them out. They were on their way back home to Kansas.
  • You have answered your own question - for sport.
  • Why not? Only such extremist groups as PeTA and ALF demonize it, and no sane person should heed these swindlers and terrorists. Why hunt for sport? Because it is fun, and nothing is wrong with it. Humans have been hunting since they evolved.
  • Better than shooting humans, most cases they are defensless
  • i dont hunt
  • Because they is psychotic morons.
    • ReiSan
      That is not true. PeTA nad its dupes are the psychotic imbeciles.
  • i dont hunt
  • Because they lack opposable thumbs. They're meant to be in a frying pan or worn as a hat.
  • Why Not? Have you been brainwashed by PETA? It's fun for many people. Nothing is wrong with it. Humans are natural hunters.
  • Why not is the better question. Hardly anybody said anything about hunting until PETA started putting it down in their stupid con games.

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