• No, not at all. Only PeTA dupes make such claims. Humans have been hunting since they evolved, so it is a natural instinct and certainly not irrational or immoral. Tyranny is more irrational and immoral. PeTA is extremely irrational and immoral-unethical.
  • Hunting in America is moral with permits and herd culling. Foolish to think otherwise.
  • Just in the eyes of the likes of you!
  • i think so
    • Venus1485
      You don't think coherently.
    • Linda Joy
      Stop insulting people just because you disagree with them or I'm going to start reporting your comments and answers as offensive no matter which accounts you're using!
    • ReiSan
      Tell that to Jenny-Rizzo!
    • Venus1485
      The pot calls the kettle black I see. It's fine for Linda-Jenny to insult people with whom she disagrees but not for anyone else to do it.
  • i dont think people should hunt to be honest, its not fair to the animal
    • Hardcore Conservative
      So we should ensure that no animal is hunted, because it's unfair? Has it ever occurred to you that nature put some animals at the bottom of the food chain to be food for other animals?
    • Venus1485
      You're not qualified to judge what's fair.
    • Linda Joy
      Neither are you!
    • ReiSan
      Linda is least qualified of all.
    • Rick Myres
      Genesis 9:3 - Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
  • No. Sometimes it's necessary to thin the heard for their own well being (prevent starvation) and for the sake of keeping the ecosystem balanced for the sake of all the other plants and animals.
    • Cats & Dolphins
      Yeah humans have done great job with that. They've almost wiped every animal that has ever existed. Animals did fine without us.
    • Linda Joy
      So did the ice age and the mega volcano. Have you never used an exterminator before? Stepped on a bug? Killed germs? Would you sacrifice your child so the bear can have food? You wanna get ridiculous I can, too! It's not ALWAYS a bad thing!
  • We should use spears because that's the way the cavemen did it?
    • ReiSan
      I think you should hunt elephants with spears.
  • No more now than it ever was. The fact that meat can be purchased at a store does not make hunting irrational and moralistically implausible. If you find eating meat immoral that's a very different discussion.
  • At my age I can't run fast enough (never could) to catch a rabbit or squirrel so I'd blow the little guys fur off with my rifle and have it on my dinner table for supper.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Protection I assume!
    • Rick Myres
      Protection from starving when nothing else to eat. Been there done that.
  • No, it's none of that! PETA is what is unsoundly irrational and moralistically implausible. PETA is a group of hypocritical con men and terrorists. No sane person heeds such nuts.
  • i wouldnt do it but i cant stop others from doing it
  • Of course. There is no need to hunt. Hunting has wiped out so many animals.
  • Let me guess, you're a mindless liberal progressive Democrap?
    • Venus1485
    • Sandra Ursula
      Yes of course.
  • Heck NO! What's unsoundly irrational and moralistically implausible are PETA's deceptions and people gullible enough to be brainwashed by them. I grew up hunting on my parents' farm, and I see nothing wrong with it. Humans have always hunted. It's only natural to do it.

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