• There is a button that is usually labeled "Num Lock" in the upper right area of the keyboard. Pressing that will toggle the number locks on and off and should be indicated by a small light on the keyboard. Go ahead and press it repeatedly to see if you can spot the light going on and off. When the light it off, number lock is off.
  • To turn num lock off see if you have a key on the bottom row which has FN in a small square. If you do, this is the FUNCTION key, and any of the other keys with things in small squares in the top right will do those alternative functions when you hold it down. So, if your number lock is stuck on and there's no num lock key, then hold down the FN key and look for a key with NUM in a square box in one corner - it may well be on the top line. That will turn num lock off, and the keys will revert to being letters again.
  • What i would do is change your keyboard, a 5 minutes job, and or set an external keyboard, USB etc. 0 Gravity

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