• I'm sure the bank would increase their overdraft if they were declined for a credit contract... poor sods...
  • I think they get credit- they just don't get much money. I'd add nurses and teachers to the list. Everyone admires them and praises them and says how wonderful they are to devote their lives to such carriers- but they earn pocket change, while someone who dribbles a basket ball makes millions.
  • My Opinion, No they don't. It really irritates me when I hear people say , They have it made ,all they do is sit around eat donuts and drink coffee. Or sit around the fire-station and wait for a fire. But you know, the people that I hear say that, I could never, even imagine them having the guts to do the job. They don't get enough credit at all.
  • No they do not get enough recognition or pay as far as I am concerned. My friends who are cops are very underpaid for the job that they do. I would not want to put my life on the line everyday I went to work.
  • Can you really put a price on Life? No both parts knowing risk their lives everyday never knowing if they will see there family again. I think socitey doesn't appreciate them as much until one or the other is needed. I feel that both are underpaid in some states and over paid in others.
  • They get ample praise. You can complain about the pay, but government work always means less pay while offering more job security.
  • No, not at all! They do the most dangerous jobs available and get paid diddly squat! But people like Paris can show her cooter a few times and get tons of money! Only in america...
  • Not at all. Most people don't even think about the risk and sacrifices endured by these exceptional individuals. You are to be commended for your keen observations and fine insights into their plight. When you get stopped for a traffic infraction it is a very minor inconvenience compared to the services rendered if you are being assaulted or robbed.
  • Hmm .. I'd have to say no. They could use a little more credit in the world.
  • No way and their pay proves it as well - + 5 and Hello gtr
  • They are the ones who should be getting the big bucks instead of what the football,basketball,singers,actors are getting. Really bugs me for the obscene amount of money they get.
  • No way, they deserve tons of credit.
  • I agree with everyone. I myself am going to college to become a state trooper and my boyfriend is a LT. in a fire department. As I will be getting paid for my duties, although it will not be much, my boyfriend willingly rushes into a burning building and doesnt get paid for it. He and many others in and around my town, are all volunteers. At least the big cities get paid something for risking their lives.
  • I'm really not a fan of the police (particularly in Britain). I think they're too scared or just cant be bothered to go and catch some real criminals, and spend their time arguing with school kids and running round after drunken teenagers or dope fiends. When they do stumble upon something that's worth their time, they either do nothing to sort it out, or do the entirely wrong thing about sorting it. The firefighters should have some more credit though. I think they do a great job... Need higher pay too.
  • Absolutly not... i can only really speak for the parts i know of in canada, but police officers are one of the most publicly hated professions out there, people seem to think they have the right to belittle and verbaly abuse officers.. and the officers are just expected to take it! I CALL BULL****!!! Officers are doing their jobs.. just like the kid serving you burgers, and teh people doing your tax refunds for you! People need to greet the officers with a smile, if they are there, they are there for a reason!
  • No they do not!!!!!! My boyfriend volunteers his life to save others. He runs into fires that can kill him because thats what he does and thats what he volunteers for. It is sickening that athletes get paid way more than officers and firefighters. And my boyfriend is volunteer so where is the logic in that. They do not get enough credit because nobody respects these men and women.
  • Not even close, unfortunately.
  • No where near enough credit. They do jobs that a lot of people don't want to do, and get very little recognition for doing it.
  • No that's why cops are dicks. They get paid nothing and having a huge responsibility...
  • As far as cops NO they don't, I witness and on occasion including myself cursing police one day and praising them the next, although I have a extremely high regard and respect for them down deep. Firefighters/EMT's and the like do have my utmost respect, they are their at our beckoning call when we are in a world of sh*t.
  • No, they don't. Because there are too many that abuse their power.
  • Not even close! Sadly where I live the police officers get even less credit than firefighters! But I have to agree the ones who abuse their power do ruin it for the rest of them. Police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line daily for complete strangers. They go to work every day knowing there is always a possibility they wont come home that night. Yet they do it anyways. And someone that people ALWAYS forget... is those of us in law enforcement that answer those calls when the public need help! That's right.. dispatchers! We're there 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There to answer the call when your loved one cant breath or is having a heart attack, when someone's been shot, when people are yelling and screaming having domestic disputes, or want to kill themselves...or when an officer/firefighter's life is in danger and he comes up screaming for help, or in pursuit, or having to fight someone and every other situation in between that you can possibly imagine that we deal with from the public and officers. and you know.. maybe 1 out of every 1000 callers and once in a blue moon from the officers do we get a "thank u"! Talk about no credit!! But you know what? I wouldnt trade my job for nothing! Whether or not those that I help acknowledge the sacrafices I make or not, I know I make a difference too and I'm still glad to help!
  • They don't get paid enough.

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