• Smart and rich don't seem to work together. Take Paris Hilton for example...
  • lol, what makes you think you are smart :-) by the way, congrats on the Knighthood SIR trouble.
  • There are many forms of "Rich". Why don't you get a piece of paper and write down all the people that you know are less fortunate than you and evaluate how you feel after that. Secondly, think about the things you have to be thankful for. And if that does not make you feel better, make a list of the things you TRULY want out of life and work toward accomplishing them one at a time. Sometimes we truly are rich and do not even know it. Good luck!
  • Many smart people are in prisons and mental facilities...disproportionately.
  • All theory no action? Not marketable smarts? Lazy? No direction?
  • Not sure, but if you find out, let me know, I am a Mensa certified genius with 5 university science degrees, I speak 6 languages, have a 7th degree black belt, and many other "smart" stuff, but I am in a very low income bracket. Maybe WE should have studied economics and business instead ...
  • You're too smart to think being rich is important!
  • cloud envy. you get it when you reach a certain point
  • desire!
  • Cuz you paid everyone to tell you that you're smart? :)
  • Exactly.
  • Being smart has nothing to do with being rich. I know the stupidest people who have bags of money and the cleverest who have none. The main thing is that wealth can come and go in a flash but no one can take your cleverness away from you.:)
  • You are really smart. There is no doubt about it. However you are also easily contentment which is a good virtue. I remember you told me that "godliness with contentment is great gain" (I Timothy 6:6). Thank you for walking your talk.
  • maybe because you are SO smart that you have chosen to do something that you love instead of the rest of the idiots that do something that they hate so they can be rich
  • because you know that money doesnt buy happiness and that we all to often worry about what we dont have and are not happy with what we do have....and you know all that because you are smart...;) right?
  • I've often wondered that same thing friend. If I ever come up with a good answer you'll be the first to know.......
  • because you're not clever enough
  • Good question.
  • "Rich" is a state of mind... For instance, I've been broke but I've never been "poor". I have my health and my self respect. Smart definitely doesnt equal rich.
  • Rich people aren't smart... Most of them just had either the money or the advice from their parents to finish college so that they could get the kind of Job where they sit on their asses and do nothing for millions, while all the peons and subordinates do the actual work for peanuts because their parents too, grew up broke and uninformed like mine...
  • Because,you need to use it...and smart people dont have to be rich
  • Because the laws, rules, regulations, etc. in a society are often designed solely so that people who have money either make more or at least get to keep it. Smart is often irrelevant, as in, "It takes money to make money!" People who claim they got where they are by virtue of talent, skill, or intelligence are usually selling something. Either they are selling an actual product, as in, "Buy this program, it will make you as smart as me and as rich as me", or they are selling what they want you to think about themselves. Real wealth usually takes generations to acquire, it accumulates within family trees. By far, the Oprahs of the world are the general exceptions rather than the rule.
  • i found this question because i was wondering the same thing. I never brag to people about being smart, i just am. I hear how people think. How they don't catch on to things after hours of explanation where as i do before the idea is completely stated. i could go on for days. Anyway, i'm a billion times smarter than any employer i've worked for and any collleague i've worked with. In addition to "getting it" all the time, there's the efficiency, the detail orientation, the drivce and perseverence and integrity as well. So I go for that management position then get pissed when someone is my supervisor who knows not any small percentage of what i know. I'm sure its the personality that dictates why i'm not rich. Well, in job land that's one thing, but now i've been wondering lately. Why would I be blessed with such a great mind if i wasn't meant to use it to its fullest potential? I just hope to God one day that I will find what I was supposed to do with it. I really wish that I could turn a profit on it though....................I'm a nurse, bachelors prepaired, in search of the perfect job. in the world of cyberland, witha marketqable skill trippled with modified genious, there must be a way for me to arrive. for thought. thanks for the question, its my exact question as well.
  • cause you didnt get lucky

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