• Confront her but be prepared to hear the worst
  • You will need to have some open and honest communication to gain some understanding into the extent of it, and then once you knwo the full story you can decide what is the best way for you to proceed
  • end it now!! even if it was a kiss, that is still cheating in my eyes because the attraction to the other person is still there and the desire to kiss them.
  • If youre sure it was more than that then end it. People who cheat lack a certain morality that relationships need to succeed. In my view its one of the things that is unforgiveable. Even if she says she is sorry, wont do it again etc, you have lost the trust element in the relationship and that is crucial to a lasting relationship.
  • Get even: cheat on her
  • Ask her if she did, then take it from there.
  • Do not ask nothing. Respect yourself.
  • A kiss is barely cheating (Although it is) and doesn't count really unless there is a second one.
  • If you don't trust her, you shouldn't be with her. That's final.
  • You can be assured that it was more than a kiss. A very important aspect in a relationship is honesty. We all make mistakes- A lame lie like "but I didn't inhale" or "it was just a kiss" means she obviously underestimates your intelligence. If your "little voice" is telling you something is awry, then believe it. And DTB!
  • Save yourself the drama and just dump her. Do you really need to know anything more? She's lying dude, you know it. Dishonesty is just cause for ending any relationship.
  • If you really care about this person and would like to persue this relationship, then tell her exactly what you feel. Confront her about the text message, and ask her to please be honest with you. From there you can deside if you feel you should give her a second shot. N if you deside to give her a second shot be prepared to never bring it up again, and to learn to trust her again.
  • You should listen to your heart(mind). You know that there is more to the story than your girlfriend has told you. Tell her you read the text message. Then ask her "What's going on?" If you don't like the answer or you think she is lying, move on.
  • If you enjoy being with her ignore it. If the only reason you are with her is if you think somehow she is going to be "perfect" then it is not going to happen. No one is perfect, even you and if you are going to let your fears rob you of enjoying your relationship then perhaps you don't deserve her.
  • When I was a broad I discovered that um...oh never mind!

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