• Why be friends with someone who is constantly putting you down ?, no one needs that. She should get help with her problem, if she does she may be different, but if she wont then no.
  • If she is constantly insulting you then why do you want to be friends with her? You should be friends with people who bring you up, not bring you down. Being friends with people who make you feel bad about yourself is just a waste of time.
  • No you shouldn't be friends with her. And not because she is an alcoholic, just because she's a b*tch.
  • Friends with a smart-ass drunken be-otch? Uh, no thanks.
  • Go your own way. You need someone to bring you up.
  • Why on EARTH would you want to be in this relationship?!?!
  • I think she is a mean, drunk person and I forbade you to be friends with her because you deserve better. :-)
  • I personally would not be friends with anyone who makes a habit of insulting me. I might overlook it once, IF I knew it was the alcohol talking. The second time, the S**T would hit the fan !! My answer is, No!! I would not waste my time with anyone like that.
  • Hey, as long as she's buying, you're quids in!
  • i would ask, why do you want to be friends with someone tht insults you and thinks she's smart. Other than the fact I don't think she's a great companion or influence for yu being an alcoholic, she just doesn't sound very nice. You don't have to be rude or give someone the cold shoulder but be careful who you give yourself to. Make GOOD friends. It takes work and diligence to keep worthwhile friends and they can last your lifetime.
  • You must be having a laugh. If somebody is CONSTANTLY insulting you how can you possibly retain any feeling of friendship?

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