• Lizards and snakes: "The male lizard has a copulatory organ, either a single penis (turtles and tortoises, crocodilians) or a pair of hemipenes (lizards, snakes) that can often be seen as two bulges behind the cloaca at the base of the tail. The penis or hemipenis is not connected to the urinary tract, and is strictly an organ of reproduction. -- The platypus, a monotreme (primitive mammal): "The cloaca [is] the opening to the female's vagina and also where the male has his penis which is a most interesting structure, a double-branched penis. -- Kangaroos: "Marsupials have two oviducts, two uteri (duplex uterus), and two vaginas. The upper parts of the vaginas unite to form a median vagina that may or may not be paired internally. Beyond the median vagina, the vaginas are again paired (lateral vaginas) and lead to a urinogenital sinus...The lateral vaginas in marsupials receive the forked tips of the male penis." --
  • The flying squirrel possesses two penises, strangely, a small percentage of its population dies off annually from dehydration from rapid and repetitive masturbation. The growth of the extra penis is due to the violent nature of the females, whom become aggressive in heat and occasionally tear off a single penis from a male.

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