• If you don't like long winded sentences that can make you lose your concentration, get the cliff notes version of Great Expectations... Don't write a report based on any of the movies... trust me, you won't get a good grade.
  • Great Expectations is actually a pretty good read, better than A Tale of Two Cities, which used to be the sophomore-year Dickens book. Antigone is not long, but it takes concentration. You can find good support and interpretation info on the web.
  • i have to read those two books plus another one and do a major works data sheet (if you know what those are) for each one of them and im only going into ninth grade
  • Antigone is quite short and reasonably easy to understand. I had trouble with 'Great Expectations' but that's just me. Websites like sparknotes can help add to your understanding by presenting you with key points you should have picked up in each chapter and asking questions to help you understand the text better. The best thing with these sorts of reading assignments is to chunk it - read a little at a time and make a brief note after each chapter about anything important that has happened.
  • I think Dicken's was paid by the word and it shows. It's a good book but it would have been better if he wasn't short on cash...
  • Good Expectations is one of the worst books i have ever had to read.
  • It's a terrible book. I recommend cliffs notes. Much easier to understand.

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