• spark plug wires. easy to remove and shove down a storm sewer drain - or hide, or fling on a roof... hard to find a replacement at 1am. Cheap and easy to replace the next morning...
  • Drunks won' be able to fix the battery wises
  • Deflate all four tires. Quick, easy and nobody's got four spares in the trunk.
  • Take the distributor cap.
  • In Zodiac, the main character took his coil wire from his Omni GLH when he parked to deter theft. Obviously not a possibility on all cars though... There is always the ever-popular potato/banana in the tailpipe; it makes the fourth step of the four-cycle combustion process a dicey proposition. Or you could possibly put plastic wrap on the air filter and give the engine asthma. Just remember to put it on the outside of the filter and not the engine side; you don't want to suck the plastic into the engine. However that requires a few minutes... If you aren't afraid to get dirty you can disconnect a fuel line. Most cars I have owned had the fuel filter in a fairly accessible (from underneath) spot and a quick-disconnect on one end. Just be sure to have a way to cap the line or it could get messy ;) Fuel pump relays and/or fuses are easy ways to starve an engine too. While many people like removing plug wires and/or distributor caps, reassembling them in the proper firing order when the 'victim' sobers up can be problematic. Taking the rotor though... THAT works just as well and has the bonus of passing a visual inspection.
  • You usually need to keys to open the locked doors or you can't open the hood.And you disabling someone elses vehicle has legal ramifications.If you are so sure call the police well before that try driving.

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