• I use Super to do all my video conversions now. It is free too. Not totally user-friendly at first, but boy does it have a lot of capability.
  • as you can see there are many. Your best bet is to type convert .avi to .mpeg into google. This will give you many answers check out the best for you by reading their reviews
  • If you wish send me the video via email and whatever format you want it as. I have the most advanced video software availiable.
  • You should be able to find a codec converter online google those same terms and you'll be set!
  • Mpeg streamclip is a nice free video conver, you can google search for it.
  • It's very simple, if you are using windows media player 10 and above version, open the video file in it, then go to file>save as > filename.avi / filename.wmv (which ever may be the file format you desired), it works since i have tried many a times and converte successfully, after that , take to Adobe premiere Pro and convert the video to Quicktime video easily.
  • You're better going for flv if you're going to anytube as it's smaller and not too bad on the quality. There are lots of packages but it's down to preferance goto and type mpeg convertor and it'll give you almost every package imaginable

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