• I'd say let's Google it!!
  • God got angry at someone because they did somthing bad. So don't steal or lie!! because then you might get struck by lightening!
  • my personal favorite is god and the angels are bowling. classic
  • simplify the process..but try to be truthfull.. telling them mythical things only sets them back in the long run.. Who wants to be the 6 year old that tells the class that thunder and lightining are "angels bowling" then in front of the whole class find out they are wrong?
  • pRINCeFan was close to what we were told as children. My grandfather played lawn bowls. After he died, we were all told that it was HIM playing bowls. But honestly, I just told my kids age appropriate truth. In fact, I was over in Indonesia a few years ago, and there was a thunderstorm. The orphanage children were terribly afraid of the thunder (not so much the lightning, strangely) so I told them that the thunder was nothing to be scared of, but to watch out for the lightning. We had a little discussion on it, which I hope led to less fear of thunder and a wariness of lightning.
  • I don't know what to tell children, but here's something for you, see what you can do with it: Lightning does kill people, about 66 people a year in the US. So if you don't watch what you're doing you've got a chance of 1 in 4 million in a year of being struck! Oh no! (about the same chance you have PER HOUR of being killed on a bicycle). If you queue up for the opportunity to be struck by ligntning, you've got, on average, a 2 million year wait ahead of you. That 1 in 4 million chance is an average over any person doing anything, sensible or stupid. Even that one that climbs the hill and points his finger in the air, singing "nar nar ne nar nar". A clever person, who knows about lightning, knows ways to reduce the risk of being struck by lightning, and thus get the better of it. The first rule: "when it roars, go indoors!" Inside the house, stay away from electrical items, and don't touch any metal plumbing, taps etc. Watching the TV, from a typical distance, is ok. But still scary... So... The safest place of all is in a "faraday cage" a conducting metal cage. A faraday cage directs the energy around the surface of the cage, and doesn't let it enter. You could build a faraday cage, out of any kind of metal grid, joined with stripped wire, for fun, (Now I'm imagining a "storm suit" with thin bare wire sewn through it in a grid pattern and a toy helmet with glued on aluminum foil connected to it. Makes the wearer INVINCIBLE!) Hm. OR... A faraday cage is very similar to ... a car! Even if you're indoors, you'd be safer out in the car. This could be a fun thing to do if it's an option for you and you realise just how safe you are there. And you have a vaccuum flask of hot drink and some blankets and a story book. I've never ever heard of anyone dying from lightning when they are inside a car, ever. In the car you can safely taunt the lightning - it can't get you there! As for what makes lightning: it's the rubbing of ice particles high in thunder clounds, just like rubbing a baloon on your head can make your hair stick to the baloon (this could also be a fun activity for the audience). I have a wollen jumper which actually makes tiny lightning as I pull it off over my head, in the dark. Another fun activity, I hope. At least I'm enjoying it. Thunder is the sound of lightning, delayed by 5 seconds for each mile it has to travel, so you can work out how far away it is. Knowing that if it takes 25 seconds between light and noise means the lightning is 5 whole miles away might be reassuring.
  • I tell my kids it's friction. The clouds rub together and make electricity, like when the doorknob shocks you only MUCH bigger. I'd rather them know something closer to the truth than a cutesy fairy tale about bowling angels.
  • Well let me start off by saying I have a seriously strong fear of lightning. You could call it a phobia. I panic and if it is storming when I come home, I wait for the last flash of lightning and then RUN as fast as I can to the door before it flashes again. I also have a four year old son who is only scared of the thunder. So I tell him that the lightning makes the light and the thunder doesn't want to be outdone so it BOOMS just to show off. I try not to show him MY fear of it but it is hard. So we play games and I let him be as loud as he wants to be so "we can't hear that bad old thunder". That usually wears us out so we then cuddle up in a chair and watch a movie, listen to the rain and fall asleep.
  • What is "your theory"? There is a scientific explanation that is easy to look up....?
  • god makes it

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