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  • Being unique is to embrace your individuality.
  • Two things: your genetics and your environment. Concerning genetics: People are generally carrying around about 99.9% of the same DNA, but the other 0.1% equates to about 3 million base pairs. That's not 3 million unique people, that's 3 million difference that can be combined into any recipe. Concerning environment, even two people with exactly the same DNA (identical twins for instance) will turn out to be completely different people if they are raised to grow up in different cultural surroundings. There are likely more different ways your environment can affect who you are than there are ways your genetics can.
  • Each person has their own personality, talent and interest. We can be different from each other due to life experiences and the way we are raised. By doing your own thinking can make you unique. Like a flower, each individual blossoms.

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