• Yes, I trust and respect him.
  • Yes, since he is a family friend who I can always rely on to give clear and concise health advice
  • Yes, we have been going to our doctors (husband and wife) since 1981. They are the most lovely people and have never steered us wrong. They do not put profit over time, and have fantastic rapport with their patients. Sri Lanka's loss, Australia's gain. Wish there was a whole health system like these two.
  • Yes - I really do
  • No, I think he's up to something.
  • Yes, i have a very good doctor......i have an on-going mental health condition and she is very supportive and always has time for me.
  • Yes she is a fantastic doctor and any problems iv had she sorted them out and fast.
  • Yes, I do. He is a flamboyant Egyptian emigree, with a fine doctor's hand and a penchant for helping people with a smile.
  • I had a good one on the west coast (knew him as a friend, a fishing buddy with my husband) but moved to the east coast 2 years ago and haven't need ed one so haven't found one. I've got feelers out just in case but haven't met anyone I'd choose as my primary care doctor yet. It's very hard to find good ones, especially if you are, like me, interested in alternative healthcare.
  • I never trust them entirely. I have my reasons.
  • Yes i have no reason not too,shes a lovely doctor and has always been helpful
  • I have a very good doctor. He made sure my dad had the best of treatment when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. When I was having some mental problems of my own, he got me on to a course of treatment. Even though initially they said I was not entitled to any. Now my mum is very poorly, so we have to see him once a month for a blood test. He is always so kind and keeps a very good eye on my mum's conditions.
  • I've never met my doctor.
  • yes but only trusted family doctors.
  • Yes , I do. Experience has shown me that my GP is a man to be trusted - I know that he has my best interests at heart, and I know that I can trust his advice - but it did take a long time to get to that stage. I also trust the surgeon who performed some quite complex surgery on me. I am glad to be in a position where I can trust my doctors, because I have known other doctors whose advice I would not trust at all!
  • Yes, my Endocrinologist is excellent. If you want to see her for the first will have to wait almost three months. That's how good she is....lots of patients!
  • sometimes with some things. I am a nurse, and sometimes MD's (like all other humans) make mistakes, get lazy or don;t make the best choice. For the most part I do, but I always talk to others and do my own homework. I was a little miffed when I found out my foot doctor wanted to perform surgery on my foot when he could have treated the symptoms with meds. He didn't even give me the option of medicine. He never mentioned it. I was talking to another nurse and she recommended this drug that is safe and cheap and sure enough, when I took it, my sypmtoms totally disappered. I was mad at my doctor for that. Surgery is major, even the most routine procedures, after you take time off work, get help at home, pay all the bills...yep, I was mad at him. All he seemed to think about was what he wanted to do, not what was best for me. I lost respect for him then and when I do need surgery on that foot, he will not be the one to do it.
  • In Scotland: No On duty: yes, I need to!

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