• I think all cults are weird, but I guess the weirdest, in my opinion, is the one where you give all your possessions to the leader, then commit suicide so that the spaceship will come pick you up and take you to the Andromeda Galaxy (Heaven). Or something to that effect.
  • Order of the Solar Temple
  • The St. Priapus Church - Just check out the link, you'll understand why right away...
  • Those who consider chicken feet a gustatory delight! ;-)
  • does the U.S. Government count?
  • the one that requires you to wear holy white garments under your clothing and over your skivies as insurance in case you die unexpectedly you are prepared to enter heaven.
  • The Bohemian Grove Club. SERIOUS business
  • I'm only aware of what is exposed by the news media so, for me, I'd have to be Charlie Manson & Helter Skelter Club
  • There's an order somewhere in England that call themselves Jedi, like Starwars. And they actually do try and emulate the jedi way. >.< Now, if they can make a real lightsabre, I may have to reconsider.
  • There was one in the 70's-80's called "Hookers for Jesus" Pretty women in the cult would suduce men into the cult with free sex.
  • Radical Islam
  • Bed wetters for jesus- and the weird thing is its all midegts ( go figure)
  • christianity
  • The Warren Jeff follower FLDS
  • scientology, bar none. It meets requirements such as: killing it's own members (due to medical malpractice and others) it has a leader who was confirmed to be insane (hubbard then had his flunkies go after psychology ever since) it has a crazy belief system based on the mad ravings of it's founder (everyone is made of thetans and they're what causes all the problems in the world, spiritually, not physically anyway) And they use normal devices that were pre-existant as their magical "technology" or "tech" such as using a voltometer, renaming it an "e-meter" and claiming it can somehow determine things which are lies, but may not be known to be lies by the person taking the "auditing". The List goes on.
  • The weirdest cult I've ever seen is the 2nd 1 I belonged to. If there's any such thing in this world as mass hypnosis, that was it!! The people in that cult worship their 13 pastors and church elders like they were gods even though they loved to show their followers they didn't care about them at all. I have NEVER met a group of pastors before that refuses to go see their followers in the hospital when they had major surgery and passes harsh judgements on people they'd never even met once. After leaving the cult, I was stalked for 10 months. It was hell.
  • The one from Florida where all the members tattoo "666" on their bodies.

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