• I'm not familiar with this particular car, and I am not a mechanic, but on some brake shoes there is an adjuster. This is a threaded rod with a gear in the center and two slotted caps, one threaded on each end of the rod. The slots on these caps span a depression on the bottom of each brake shoe, and a lever engages the gear in the center. During brake applications in reverse this lever spins the gear, seperating the caps and thus the brake shoes, setting them closer to the drum. This compensates for wear on the brake shoes, as it gradually tightens the brakes as they become worn. If the new shoes will not fit in the drum it may be the adjuster just needs to be threaded tighter, so the caps are closer together, and do not displace the shoes so much. After the brakes are installed there should be a slot cut in the drum where you can insert a screw driver to manually turn the gear and adjust the brakes.

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