• That would be the strangest example of backward masking I have ever heard of. Whatever happened to "Paul is Dead" and "Turn me on dead man".LOL
  • Wow, I thought that it was saying, “Paul is dead, Paul is dead”.
  • Thats from the simpsons... and its referring to the phrase "cranberry sauce" at the end of a beatles song which people mistaken heard as " I buried Paul"
  • No, it's even stranger than that. (Paul McCartney was credited with this quote on an episode of the Simpsons, btw). When I was a kid, we had things called "records", which were 12-inch vinyl disks that had a groove on each side which spiraled around from the edge to the center. To play music from the "record" required a piece of equipment known as a "phonograph". The phonograph had a "tone arm" -- a swiveled stick with a needle on the end. The needle was placed at the outer edge of the groove, and the disk was spun with a motor. By following the microscopic contours of the groove, the needle's movement could be amplified electronically, rendering a semi-faithful reproduction of the music encoded in the groove, along with anomalous reproductive artifacts known as "scratches", "skips", and "residue of spilled beer". We also had an invention called "marijuana" (which has not yet been disinvented), that caused young people to place the needle on the groove, turn off the motor, and manually spin the disk backwards in order to experience what was known as "bitchin sounds, man". In the late 60's, it became popular for musical recording artists to record secret messages backwards at certain points in their performance as a kind of talisman or token of group membership: if you knew about the message and had listened to it yourself, you were part of the "in" crowd. If you didn't, you were a "square". (These group-membership tokens were used to identify which people were your friends and which people should have their vehicle's paint destroyed with rotten eggs) So with that as background: McCartney's hit "Maybe I'm Amazed" is in a unique category, arriving as it did near the end of the age of the phonograph, and just in time for computer technology of sufficient power to perform digital audio processing. McCartney's producer David Geffen used the then-powerful Cray 1200 supercomputer to digitally invert the entire song along the time axis and inject it with negative phase-shift back onto the original version of the song. In other words, the song sounds exactly the same backwards OR forwards. It's the only song in history bearing this strange distinction: after it was recorded, the lead engineer Tawley Meyers-Brigg had a spontaneous loss of consciousness in the King's Cross subway station and fell onto the tracks, where he was subsequently dragged 3 miles by an unwitting train operator (that is also a record, btw). The method he perfected was lost to time and the arrival of the disco era swept his memory into the dustbin of musical history. But this song remains as a tribute to his skill and inventiveness, and anyone with the appropriate software and a copy on their PC can play it in reverse to hear this wonder for themselves. Try it. THEN maybe people will like you instead of egging your car.
  • I've never tried... Besides, I already HAVE a recipe for really ripping Lentil Soup. But it's top secret.
  • Actually I'm inclined to think that all the hoop de la about songs being played BACKWARDS for the secret message is a bunch of buttkiss.... What was that one Beatles album...was it the WHITE ALBUM? that was supposed to have the supposed message that Charlie Manson was so into.... color me a skeptic
  • Senator John McCain Defends "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Calls Gay Troops an "Intolerable Risk" I would bet anything this man has never had a really ripping lentil soup OR listened to the Beatles at all!
  • @Carmella: No problems here. Dang it!!! How'd that happen. Supposed to be a comment. Guess I'll have to answer now. I think Paul died long before this song was even written. According to a "reliable source" the song plays backward the same as forward. Hence the incredible waste of fine vinyl. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's an update: My "reliable source" (whom shall remain anonymous [Stableboy]) LIED!!! "Maybe I'm Amazed" is nothing more than great Holloween music when played backwards. And to think I was going to name my next son after you, SB. WELL DON'T BE LOOKING FOR ANY "STABLEBOY McCALLISTERS" IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!! I feel so dirty, and betrayed.
  • Possibly. I can just imagine what it would sound like. 'Number 1, Please chop up some lentils' 'Number 2, put them in the bowl' Looks like you were watching the Simpsons at the same time as me Carm!
  • I must say I'm disapointed, all these answers, not to mention all those comments, and yet still *No One* has given us an actual recipe for a really ripping lentil soup! So apparently I shall have to take the lentil into my own hands, here is one recipe for a really ripping vegetarian lentil soup! And no, I've checked it againts the song, it doesn't quite fit. EDIT- And here is one completely out of context photo of me "In all my Dylane-esque Glory". Doesn't even come close to the real thing, but I do my best.
  • lookie what i found! "McCartney, an animal rights activist, appeared on The Simpsons episode 3F03, "Lisa The Vegetarian." McCartney helps Lisa become a vegetarian and tells her that if you play this song backwards, you hear a recipe for lentil soup. Over the closing credits of that episode, if you listen carefully, you can hear the backwards message. As an extra feature on The Simpsons DVD, you can hear McCartney read the recipe and say, "There you have it Simpsons lovers, oh an by the way, I'm alive." The lentil soup recipe Paul speaks backwards is: - one medium onion, chopped - two tablespoons of vegetable oil - one clove of garlic, crushed - one cup of carrots, chopped - two sticks of celery, chopped - half a cup of lentils - one bay leaf - one tablespoon of freshly-chopped parsley - salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste - two and a quarter cups of vegetable stock or water" from:
  • "I need a brainwash Gray-matter bath I need the clutter all Thrown in the trash I need a brain wash, cause I'm a loon So could ya please throw my head in a tub? I could really use a cereberal scrub Wash away what I know It's an overrated frontal lobe"
  • Just run it in reverse through music software, that way it's not uneven as with records.
  • Yes but only Lisa Simpson can hear it whilst watching a pig fly!
  • My lame, but humorous attempt at doctoring a photo. Enjoy.
  • 1) Only in the Simpsons's version of the song! "The song was also notably featured in an episode of the The Simpsons entitled "Lisa the Vegetarian", in which Paul and Linda McCartney were both guest stars. In the episode, Paul helps Lisa become a vegetarian and tells her that playing "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards will reveal a secret recipe for lentil soup. The song then plays over the closing credits of that episode, and by listening carefully, listeners can hear the backwards message. The backmasking on the track was accomplished by the staff of the show for this particular episode and does not appear in the original song. An extra feature on The Simpsons Seventh Season DVD set contains McCartney's original reading and a transcript of the recipe. He concludes with the words "There you have it Simpsons lovers, oh and by the way, I'm alive.", a reference to the hoax about his death during The Beatles era. The lentil soup recipe is: one medium onion, chopped two tablespoons of vegetable oil one clove of garlic, crushed one cup of carrots, chopped two sticks of celery, chopped half a cup of lentils one bay leaf one tablespoon of freshly-chopped parsley salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste two and a quarter cups of vegetable stock or water" Source: 2) For further research, some people could also be interested in a *Lebkuchen* recipe: (to understand this, please have a look at the short discussion on Stableboy's answer)
  • No, it's just an urban legend. Urban legends are cool :)
  • I really doubt it. There is a video on You Tube of Paul demonstrating how to make mashed potatoes. Very strange. Very odd. And it's obvious the man can't cook.
  • Yes, that is absolutely true.
  • I have no idea.. but try playing stairway to heaven by led zepplin backwards.. :D
  • No because I havn't heard it
  • probably not. But I can tell you this: If you play Led Zeps Stairway To Heaven backwards there's a part in it that he says: I wish it would snow, I wish the blow would knock me out. My brother showed this to me when I was ten or twelve years old and I've repeated it in my adult years with my own equipment. I think(but not sure) that it's at the part where it's sung "that with a word she can get what she came for".
  • Wow, I have never heard that one before, but if that's true, this song has to be the dumbest song ever written.
  • Yeah I tried it and it tasted sexy.
  • -delete-
  • lolz this thread is funny =)

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